Dental Implants

Have you just had a tooth extracted and would like it replacing? A dental implant allows single or multiple teeth to be replaced – unlike a bridge there is no additional force placed upon adjacent teeth.

Have you just had a tooth extracted and would like it replacing?

The best time to start the process of having a tooth replaced is 8 weeks after it has been extracted. From this point forward the level of the bone starts to decrease, possibly making it more difficult and expensive to place an implant.
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Before and After a Dental Implant treatment.

Would you prefer not to 
have to wear a denture?

It may be possible to replace strategic teeth with implants so you no longer need to wear a denture at all.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are often the best solution to replace missing teeth. They have several key advantages over other possible treatment options:

  • They are the closest thing to a natural tooth.
  • They do not place additional strain and stress on adjacent teeth.
  • They are fixed in place with a very low risk of becoming loose or falling out.
  • Nothing lasts forever, but they are a predictable and long term solution.

Does your denture continually move around and are you worried it will drop down at an embarrassing moment?

Dental implants can be used to secure dentures so they do not move around – they simply clip in place. This leaves no room for potential embarrassment.

Why choose us for your dental implant

Our clinicians are hand picked and have post graduate qualifications in placing implants. Most importantly, between them they have placed hundreds of implants with very high success rates.

Natural Appearance

We use only the very best implants and the most highly skilled technicians to make the implant crowns so a natural looking result is assured.

Interest Free Payments

As with all our treatments it is possible to spread the cost over a number of months – interest free.


If you would like to book an implant consultation with one of our experienced clinicians please just call or e mail our reception team. The cost of an dental implant assessment appointment is £80.00.
All our dentists adhere to the guidelines governing the profession which can be viewed on the GDC website..
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