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31 August 2021
Invisalign - The Convenient Solution!

So what is 'invisalign?' Invisalign is an industry leading teeth straightening treatment, which brings the patient many benefits. It is a brand recognised and utilised across the world and has oodles of science & decades of innovation backing up its effectiveness. How does invisalign treatment work? Invisalign uses aligners to straighten your teeth subtly, quickly, […]

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4 July 2021
Gingivitis - what is it?

We often forget as Dentists that our patients (and most people actually…) do not always understand the jargon we use, which consists mainly of medical terms, which are second nature to us – but maybe not to you! ‘Gingivitis’ is one of those words. We must remind ourselves that if we stood by the Palace […]

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31 January 2021
What we stand for - our promises to you!

Here at South Devon Dental Practice we pride ourselves o providing an outstanding experience for our patients. Dr. Glenning & Dr. Rochester are unequivocal in the fact that our patients are the centre of our dental universe! They also realise that running and exceptional dental practice is not JUST about the Dentistry, the whole experience […]

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4 May 2021
Dental Plans – What is the Benefit?

Here at South Devon Dental, our first responsibility is a simple one – keep your natural teeth in your mouth, for as long as possible! The age old saying of, ‘prevention is better than cure,’ is never truer than when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. In this blog we explain what […]

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31 March 2021
Why choose teeth straightening with South Devon Dental?

‘Orthodontics’ is the Dental jargon for ‘teeth straightening’ – a way of helping give you that self esteem boosting smile, which you can show off to your friends and we proud of. Why should I choose South Devon Dental for my Orthodontic treatment? At South Devon Dental, we are lucky to have two expert Dentists […]

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30 September 2020
Let’s Talk About Veneers

What are Dental Veneers?  You will see a lot on social media about ‘veneers.’ Veneers can look really good if the treatment is completed correctly. However, veneers are not simply ‘caps’ stuck on the teeth like an acrylic nail! The original tooth is skilfully cut back or ‘sanded’ and the veneer (‘s) are then put over the […]

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Our team are hand picked from across the South West based upon their exceptional level of skill as dentists, and their warm, engaging and caring personalities. They are just great people; we love working together and look forward to caring for you.


Here at South Devon Dental, we are 100% committed to listening to your wants and desires, so we can understand your individual requirements. We want you to have a smile that you are confident and proud of, which you tell your friends and family about!
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South Devon dental not only provide all aspects of general dentistry to an excellent standard, but we have a number of Specialists and Experts who complete advanced dental proceedures and take referrals from local dentists.


The practice is refurbished to the highest of standards and uses the most advanced and up to date dental technology. All dental X-Rays are digital and we have a dental operating microscope for the most challenging dental procedures – you are in safe hands!
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All our dentists adhere to the guidelines governing the profession which can be viewed on the GDC website..
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