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31 March 2021

Why choose teeth straightening with South Devon Dental?

‘Orthodontics’ is the Dental jargon for ‘teeth straightening’ – a way of helping give you that self esteem boosting smile, which you can show off to your friends and we proud of.

Why should I choose South Devon Dental for my Orthodontic treatment?

At South Devon Dental, we are lucky to have two expert Dentists in Dr. Louise Kneafsey, a Consultant Orthodontist and Dr. Montse Galiano, a platinum Invisalign provider, who has completed over 800 cases. Between them Dr. Kneafsey and Dr. Galiano offer an unrivalled level of experience and expertise in teeth straightening in Torbay.

They are both renowned for their knowledge, clinical skills and most importantly – their innate ability to form trusting and long-lasting relationships with their patients. You are not just a ‘set of teeth’ to them, you are valued and respected in every way.

Check out our expert team – just click here.

How long does teeth straightening take?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The answer is… that it varies, for almost every patient.

We pride ourselves on treating each and every person as an individual and there is certainly no ‘one cap fits all’ approach to straightening our patients’ teeth. The fact is, some cases are simple and can take as little as 6 months, other cases are much more complex and can take up to 2 years!

This is why the initial consultation is so important, allowing Dr. Kneafsy or Dr. Galiano to listen to your wants & desires and formulate an individual treatment plan, specific to your requirements.

However long it takes, you are in safe hands!

Does the treatment hurt?

The short answer is, no. The expertise of our clinicians, along with the latest and great materials and equipment, mean the treatment is pain free. For example, the Invisalign aligner system, is completely none intrusive and allows comfort and ease at every stage.

How much does teeth straightening cost?

Again, every patient is different, but prices start from £1,800.00 but do increase depending on the complexity and duration of the treatment. This is again why that initial consultation with our experts is so important, allowing them to formulate that bespoke and personal treatment plan for you. This will detail exactly how long the treatment will take and how much it will cost.

How do I get started?!

Simple! Just call 01803 556422 or email [email protected] and the team will be happy to help! Why not follow us on Facebook too!

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