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Dental Prices

The following is a list of all our prices. For payment plans please follow the link below. We understand everyone’s needs and treatments are different. Please contact us to discuss the best options available to you.

Treatment Prices

Pay as you go pricing list. For membership options or queries, please feel free to contact us directly.
Looking After Your Smile
Aesthetic White Fillings
Crowns, Veneers and Bridges
Teeth Whitening
Root Canal Treatment
Tooth Removal
To the Rescue
Facial Aesthetics
Oral Health Assessment (Check up)
Oral Health Assessment, Clean, Cleanse and Polish
To the rescue – Emergency Treatment
Dental X Rays to check for tooth decay
Hygiene Direct access (first appointment – 30 minutes)
Hygiene 20-minute appointment
Hygiene 40-minute appointment
Hygiene 60-minute appointment
Extended Treatment Planning Appointment
OPG X-ray
CBCT (including ‘in house’ reporting)
Bitewings (taken on CBCT machine)
Duraphat 5000 Toothpaste
Fitty Dent Secure Adhesive
Small White Filling
Medium White Filling
Large White Filling
Small Silver Filling
Medium Silver Filling
Large Silver Filling
GIC Small
GIC Medium
GIC Large
Large Silver Filling
Fissure sealants X2
Fissure sealants X3
Fissure sealants X4
Ceramic Inlay / Onlay
Composite Inlay
Gold Inlay
Ceramic Crown (ultra-aesthetic)
Bonded Crown or Bridge Retainer/Pontic
Porcelain or Porcelain Bonded Crown or Bridge
Gold Crown or Bridge retainer/pontic
Gold Alloy
Metal Crown
Post to allow crown placement
Bridge – each unit
Ceramic Veneer
Recement Crown/Veneer
Recement Bridge
£525 + Gold Alloy

£675 + Gold Alloy
Spot price from lab
South Devon Dental Home Whitening
Enlighten Home Whitening
Enlighten B1 Guarantee Home and in Practice Whitening
Whitening Trays per arch
South Devon Dental Teeth Whitening Gel (per tube)
Enlighten Whitening Gel (per tube)
Root Canal Treatment – Incisor / Canine
Root Canal Treatment – Pre Molar
Root Canal Treatment – Molar
Expert Root Canal Treatment:
Root Canal Treatment – Incisor / Canine
Root Canal Treatment – Pre Molar
Root Canal Treatment – Molar
Extraction (simple)
Extraction (complex)
Extraction (surgical)
Extraction (wisdom)
Emergency Treatment including X Rays (if required)
Out of Hours Emergency call-out
Out of Hours Emergency call-out (care plan members)
Full Dentures – Upper and Lower
Full upper or full lower denture
Denture - Acrylic Partial Denture Upper or Lower
Denture - Cobalt chrome
Denture repairs (24-hour service) from
Denture relines
Denture tooth addition
Denture clasp addition
Sports Mouthguard- from
Bite Guard - from
Implant Consultation
Endo Consultation
Sedation Consultation
Periodontal Consultation
Restorability Assessment
Orthodontic Consultation
Under 18’s Orthodontic Consultation
Orthodontic OPG (Taken at the consult appointment)
Six Month Smile Consultation
Invisalign Consultation
CBCT in house reporting fee
Study Models /stent/diagnostic wax-up from
Cost to be taken off implant cost if patient goes ahead
with treatment
Single implant crown – non aesthetic area
Implant in the aesthetic zone from
2 implants with a three-unit bridge
2 implants and a four-unit bridge
2 implants and an overdenture (full); from
4 implants and an overdenture (full); from
Full arch conventional load fixed bridge from
Full arch immediate fixed bridge
Indirect Sinus lift
Direct Sinus lift one side: from
Bilateral Sinus lift
Small particulate bone graft from
Large particulate bone graft from
Block graft – price dependent on size of graft
Please note that these prices are approximate. A full
treatment plan with exact bespoke costs will be
provided after the implant consultation assessment.

Fixed Appliance Upper and Lower Arch (Ceramic
Fixed Appliance Upper and Lower Arch (Metal brackets)
Under 18’s Fixed Appliance Upper and Lower Arch
(Ceramic brackets)
Under 18’s Fixed Appliance Upper and Lower Arch
(Metal brackets)
Six Month Smile- from
Invisalign Full (complex including OPG) from
Invisalign Single Arch- from
Retainers (per arch) if extra to original treatment
Prices are ‘from’ as bespoke treatment plan will be
given at consultation



Note- the fees shown below DO NOT include the cost
of any dental treatment
IV Sedation Session – per 90-minute session
IV Sedation Extra time – per extra 30-minutes
There will be a bespoke plan provided. Minimum cost of
any treatment is:

Botox 1 Area
Botox 2 Areas
Botox 3 Areas
Botox Additional Areas
Fillers/Lip Augmentation (Per syringe) from
Additional syringes can be given 25% discount at
clinician’s discretion

Cosmetic Treatments

We believe that the key to beautifully natural cosmetic dentistry is recognizing that each patient had a truly unique and personal smile.
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All our dentists adhere to the guidelines governing the profession which can be viewed on the GDC website..
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