South Devon Dental Tooth Removal

Of course, our priority as dentists is to try to ensure that you hold on to all of your natural teeth. Although it may become necessary to remove a tooth to prevent future pain and discomfort.

Do you need a tooth removed?

Our clinicians have undergone extensive post-graduate training and are comfortable removing challenging teeth that perhaps your own dentist may not be able to. Whether it is a broken tooth, wisdom teeth, baby teeth or teeth requiring removal for orthodontic reasons, our team will look after you and ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

People Matter

Our team are hand picked from across the South West based upon their exceptional level of skill as dentists, and their warm, engaging and caring personalities. They are just great people; we love working together and look forward to caring for you.

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For tooth removal the aftercare starts immediately after the tooth being pulled. The healing stages for tooth removal are:
24 Hours - Immediate aftercare/blood clotting
24-48 hours - Tissue granulation
72 hours - Gum closing over the hole
7-10 days - Healed*
*Extractions of larger teeth may take a little longer
For more information on what to expect from having a tooth removed click here
All our dentists adhere to the guidelines governing the profession which can be viewed on the GDC website..
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